Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation

We are a regional investment and development agency of the Hradec Králové Region. Our task is to support, create, coordinate and ensure the environment and conditions leading to the comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of the Hradec Králové Region, and we achieve this purpose mainly by preparing and managing investments and projects in the Hradec Králové region. We are further strengthening the role of research, development and innovation in regional development. We organize public contracts and central purchases for the Hradec Králové Region and contributory organizations or companies established by the Hradec Králové Region. Last but not least, we also provide professional and methodological services to representatives of the public sphere, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

Our vision

"To be a stable organization, sensitive to the needs of the region, accountable to its partners and open to new ideas."

Recommended portals:

  • Regional portal - Web presentation of the Hradec Králové Region and the regional office.
  • Smart region - Portal of regional development of the Hradec Králové Region focused on good practice, subsidies and smart solutions.
  • +innovation - The common website for innovation, research and development in the Hradec Králové Region.
  • Employed region - Web portal for employment, affordable housing and social entrepreneurship in the Hradec Králové Region.
  • Map portal for regional development - Thematic maps, applications and other outputs focused on regional development of the region.
  • Data KHK data portal - Information point for the public from publicly available and open data for the Hradec Králové Region (KHK).
  • KHK map portal - Map services and other information for geographically located data, including the ability to search and view them.
  • Spatial Planning - Portal of spatial planning of the Hradec Králové Region - spatial planning documentation of municipalities, principles of spatial development, spatial analytical data, seamless drawings, WMS, MiNiS.
  • State-funded organizations - Portal of state-funded (contributory) organizations in the Hradec Králové Region - a list of individual organizations, including contacts.
  • Subsidy portal - Overview of all grant and subsidy programs by which the Hradec Králové Region supports public benefit projects.
  • Central purchasing - Overview of public contracts of the relevant contracting authority together with basic information on the public contract.
  • For creativity - Website dedicated to cultural and creative events in the Hradec Králové Region.
  • Tourist portal - Information on tourist destinations and attractions in the Hradec Králové Region, including interactive maps.
  • Public transport KHK - Information website for passengers by public transport in the Hradec Králové Region
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