Regionální rozvojová agentura
  • processing of strategic plans, development concepts and thematic analyses, research and studies
  • creation and management of integrated tools
  • creation of implementation mechanisms of development programmes and strategic plans, evaluation activity, monitoring
  • consultancy, organizational, lecturer and expert activities in the field of regional development, in the creation, coordination of regional development projects, development analysis, studies and plans of grant sources
  • cooperation with the research sphere, application sphere and intermediary organizations in the field of regional development
  • international cooperation in development activities, information exchange with foreign entities, methodological assistance for European regions,
  • cooperation with partners (agencies, foundations, chambers of commerce, legal and natural entities, municipalities, cities, regions, educational institutions etc. with the purpose of regional development
  • cooperation in other development activities of municipalities and regions of the Hradec Králové Region, implementation of the local Agenda 21, methodological assistance for regional players
  • cooperation with Permanent offices of the South Bohemian and  Hradec Králové Region in  Brussels
  • preparation of municipalities for the EU programme period 2014+ and creation of conditions for drawing funds from the European Union