We provide

support services in the areas of public contracts and central procurement for the Hradec Králové Region and its organization
  • Auditing purchases, i.e. conducting analysis of costs and customer contracts of the Regional Authority and contributory organizations with the aim of finding opportunities to reduce costs,
  • Analysis and research of relavant markets,
  • Collection of documents and requirements of individual contributory organizations and the Regional Authority for the purchase of commodities through a central contracting authority or representative of the contracting authority,
  • Implementation of procurement procedures,
  • Management of the list of purchased items, in particular reports on:
    • prices actually paid for public contracts,
    • contractors and subcontractors of public contracts,
    • agreements for concluded public contracts.
  • Measurement and evaluation of achieved savings and expected quality of supply,
  • Expert recommendations and consultation to streamline purchasing processes.
Public contracts of the Hradec Králové Region and its contributory organizations are available atcontracting authority profiles .